Kenya AA Rianjagi

  • Kenya AA Rianjagi
  • Kenya AA Rianjagi
  • Kenya AA Rianjagi
  • Kenya AA Rianjagi

Cup Characteristics: Aromas of cola and black cherry. Buttery, unctuously smooth body with citrus notes, in particular lemon, lime and tangerine. Dutch cocoa flavors and mouthfeel.

$19.99 per pound


This lot comes from the Rianjagi Farmers Cooperative Society, a collective of farmers and producers working in the Embu North District on the slopes of Mount Kenya. There are 2100 members of the co-op, 1100 of which are active farmers. The day to day running of the mill is overseen by a secretary manager, who works with the co-op's 5 elected board members.

Cherry is picked on small shareholder farms and brought to the wetmill (owned by the co-op) for processing. Cherries are sorted, then processed and depulped with river water before being sundried on raised beds. Secondary (dry) milling is done at a KOFINAF coffee mill, one of the largest producers in the region. Coffee from this mill is either sold through the Nairobi Central Auction, or directly to overseas buyers.

There are several varietals in this lot, notably SL28, SL 34, Ruiru 11 and a little Batian, all hybrids noted for either their drought or disease resistance. They grow in deep, well drained red volcanic soil 1605-1625 meters above sea level.

  • Province: Eastern
  • County: Embu (North)
  • Constituency: Manyatta
  • Location: Ngandori East
  • Altitude: 1605-1625m above sea level
  • Coffee variety: SL28, SL34, Ruiru 11, Batian
  • Coffee grade: AA
  • Processing: Washed
  • Harvest: April-May, October-December