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Willoughby's Serious Select Coffees

Serious Select coffees roast and ship on Tuesdays (except as noted) and are sold on a pre-ordered basis. They are packed in foil bags with one-way valves and ship within hours of roasting. Outside of neighboring states we recommend you choose shipping via USPS Priority Mail.

If you have other items ordered we will ship them along with your Serious Select coffee. If you want other items shipped separately please enter them as a separate order.

Serious SelectIntroducing Serious Select - We are pleased to introduce a new line of coffees to Willoughby's we call Serious Select. In addition to all of the other great, freshly roasted coffee we offer, we have committed to some coffees of special distinction which are either very limited, exotic or both.

We are participants in a number of international competitions as jurors, such as the Cup of Excellence, now held in about eight countries a year. These competitions seek to rank the best coffee in a particular country in a given year. The coffees are later auctioned and the best fetch a considerable price due to their excellence and scarceness. Some Serious Select coffees derive from other single country competitions, some from private auctions - like the world renowned Hacienda Esmeralda from Panama - and still others are the product of experimentation by growers pushing the envelope.

These highly sought after and often more expensive coffees are what Serious Select is all about. We will roast and ship Serious Select coffees on Tuesdays, one or more coffees per week, so you may enjoy these coffees at their absolute peak of flavor.

*** Roasting schedule ***
The following coffee will be roasted and shipped on
Tuesdays 3/25 and 4/1

Colombia Granja La Esperanza Geisha 'Buenos Aires'

A colleague who travels to Colombia a lot and who has an eye for quality visited the Granja Esperanza farm in Colombia a few months. He came away looking to his like minded friends here to share a larger shipment. We were offered and cupped our way through numerous small lot samples from this farm where experimentation and attention to detail is taken to new levels. We came away extremely impressed by three coffees which are now in our warehouse. Two are washed coffees, one a 'honey' which dries with some sweet mucilage attached to the husk. The scarcest of the three was this lovely washed Geisha and so we begin our introduction to you of this farm with this elegant, floral selection. Read more about Colombia Granja La Esperanza Geisha 'Buenos Aires'...


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