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Sourcing the World's Finest Coffee
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We are a coffee roasting company with one seemingly simple goal: to produce the finest, freshest, most skillfully roasted coffee beans available anywhere - Serious Coffee.®


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Serious Select
limited edition coffees.

This program offers exceptional and scarce coffees. Each week we offer prestigious coffees, each unique and in very limited supply. These coffees roast and ship same day, once per week.

Costa Rica Brumas del Zurqui Red Honey

New crop arrived September 2015. This red honey microlot from Costa Rica comes from the Brumas del Zurqui micromill in the Central Valley. Brumas del Zurqui is Juan Ramon's micromill located in the Central Valley of Costa Rica. Established in 2004 by Juan Ramon Alvarado and Natalia Gomez whose family has been involved in coffee production for over a century. Juan Ramon is a pioneer in honey coffee, which involves analyzing sugar levels in coffee and the amount of mucilage left on the coffee bean after the cherry has been removed. Brumas del Zurqui micromill processes honey and natural coffee only and has a growing reputation for its exceptional coffee production. In the 2015 Cup Of Excellence, Juan Ramon took 2nd place with a score of 90.92 for his El Beneficio farm.

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Guide to Consistent Brewing

If you are seeking to easily make delicious and consistent coffee every time you brew then there are a couple of things you can do to make this a reality.

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Coffee Varietals Explained

Like different grape varieties that are used in making wine, the myriad kinds of apples and tomato variations available in your local green grocer, coffee has a significant family of seed varieties.

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We are proud to sponsor the Yale Repertory Theatre located across the street from our York Street store.

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Featured Products

Here are several coffees and other products that we feel may be of special interest to you.

Product Spotlight

30th Anniversary Klean Kanteen Limited Mug 30th Anniversary Klean Kanteen Limited Mug
Limited Edition. None will be printed after 2015!

Customer Testimonials

See what our happy customers are saying about Willoughby's Coffee & Tea.

Kevin - Madison, CT
Letter to New Haven Register Sept 12, 2013. "Businesses can learn from Willoughby's". It gives me great pleasure to know that a quality local business of which I have been a longtime supporter is as good as - if not better than - I thought it was......

Adam - Afghanistan
I'm now a senior Navy officer serving in Afghanistan. Many of my friends are sending me Willoughby's coffee in care packages, and it is the biggest morale boost we get here! All the guys in my unit are now hooked. Just thought you might like to know that you have a following here in Afghanistan!......

Hector - Killingworth, CT
Great customer service you will forever have our business......

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Awards & Recognitions

Thanks to the CTNOW readers !

May, 2014
Winner in 5 categories of 2014 New Haven Advocate Readers' Poll
Best Place to Buy Coffee Beans - Best Coffee House - Best Coffee Shop
Best Place to Buy Loose Tea - Best Tea House

June, 2013
New Haven Living - Best of New Haven
Best Coffee Shop 2013. "That roasting aroma by the courthouses is Willoughby’s, brewing java and steeping teas since Radiohead met at prep school. Also pouring at the Yale School of Architecture".

May, 2013
Winner in three categories of 2013 New Haven Advocate Readers' Poll
Best Place to Buy Coffee Beans - Best Coffee House - Best Place to Buy Loose Tea

March, 2013
Awards from the Connecticut Specialty Food Association
1st place in the Organic category for Sumatra Mandheling Organic French Roast, 2nd place award in Outstanding Beverage Category for Ethiopia Yrgacheffe Kochere GR1.

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