Willoughby's House Blend

  • Willoughby's House Blend

Cup Characteristics: Sweet and mellow, milk chocolate, multi dimensional.  Very balanced and clean but syrupy.  Nutty aroma. Smooth finish with a hint of caramel.


12 ounces
1 pound
5 pound bag

Our most popular coffee and for good reason. We blend top grade coffees from some of the best coffee growing countries in the world like Kenya and Colombia. We roast them separately to enhance their individual characteristics and develop a complete, balanced, and clean coffee. The Willoughby’s House Blend is for the person who wants a consistent delicious cup in the morning and for the connoisseur to drink without critique. This coffee is hard to dislike.

Roast Style: Full City

Colombia Supremo
Kenya AA
Peru Fair Trade Organic

Aroma: Dried red berries and roasted nuts
Flavor: Sweet and mellow, milk chocolate with a floral hint
Body:  Clean but syrupy
Finish: Caramel, nutty, and relaxed