Wholesale Coffee



Willoughby’s Coffee & Tea offers its specialty coffee to businesses including fine dining restaurants, hotels, caterers, espresso and coffee bars and a host of other firms that desire the finest and freshest coffee available in the market today. Our goal is to help you to prepare and serve the best coffee possible in your establishment. Whether you are starting a new business or your current coffee program is in need of change, we are here to help. We offer a multi-faceted approach that includes the following products and services.  


What sets us apart? Willoughby’s has been roasting Specialty Coffee since 1985. With this experience comes a knowledge of sourcing, roasting and brewing coffee that can only be developed with time and passion. When it comes to our wholesale family, we share all the knowledge that our nearly thirty years has taught us. We know that each customer is unique and because of this, we will work with each of our wholesale partners on an individual level to develop a custom coffee program that delivers coffee quality and freshness that Willoughby’s customers have come to expect.  


The finest, freshest, most skillfully roasted coffee beans available anywhere. This requires an ongoing dedication to quality, freshness, standards and knowledge. We hope our coffees reflect our commitments and we happily pass this on to you. Your success is our success.  


To prepare quality coffee it is a necessity to have quality equipment. Willoughby’s is a purveyor and distributor of the best equipment the coffee world has to offer. We are able to obtain everything that you will need to start or improve your coffee program at competitive prices.

We would like nothing better than to have you join our growing list of Wholesale Partners.



If you are interested in pursuing a wholesale partnership with Willoughby’s Coffee & Tea, please fill out the form below to contact our wholesale team. We are excited about the opportunity to work with you.