Serious Select Coffee Serious Select coffees roast and ship on Tuesdays (except as noted) and are sold on a pre-ordered basis. They are packed in foil bags with one-way valves and ship within hours of roasting so you may enjoy these coffees at their absolute peak of flavor. Outside of neighboring states we recommend you choose an expedited shipping method if you are concerned about receiving holiday related shipments on time. Yemen Mustafa Ali Hasan Single Farm Lot Arrived February 2024, new crop, in muslin bags with Ecotact liners. Yemen Single Farmer Mustafa Ali Hasan Me'qabi small lot. Produced on stepped terraces in a rugged environment at over 7,100 feet from two heirloom varieties, this coffee has signature Yemen natural processed flavors of prune, raisin, tamarind and nectarine. Luscious fruity notes followed by chocolate mouthfeel finish. Complex and refined. Highly concentrated flavors resulting, in part, from the extreme growing elevation. Yemeni coffees have distinct flavors and this single, small lot was our top pick from our exporter. Shop Now If you have other items ordered we will ship them along with your Serious Select coffee. If you want other items shipped separately please enter them as a separate order.
Some Serious Select coffees derive from international coffee competitions which seek to rank the best coffee in a particular country in a given year, some are from private auctions - like the world renowned Hacienda Esmeralda from Panama - and still others are the product of experimentation by growers pushing the quality envelope. 

Willoughby's participates in many events, sometimes as jurors, always with interest.

These highly sought after and often more expensive coffees are what Serious Select is all about. 
Check back often for our latest selections.