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Willoughby's Coffee & Tea is a coffee roasting company with one seemingly simple goal: to produce the finest, freshest, most skillfully roasted coffee beans available anywhere - Serious Coffee. Like many "simple" ambitions, ours requires an ongoing dedication to quality, standards and knowledge. We hope our coffees and teas reflect our commitment. What sets us apart? Experienced roasters of specialty coffee, unparalled coffee bean selection process, emphasis on freshness.

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Serious Select coffees

Try our Serious Select limited edition coffees. This program offers exceptional and scarce coffees. Each week we offer prestigious coffees, each unique and in very limited supply. These coffees roast and ship same day, once per week. While these are typically more expensive coffees, they are also hard to find. Several recent coffee selections have sold out.

Colombia 'Buenos Aires' Geisha
Finca Granja La Esperanza

We were offered and cupped our way through numerous small lot samples from Finca Granja La Esperanza in Colombia, a farm that has taken experimentation and attention to detail to new levels. We came away extremely impressed by three coffees including this beautiful Geisha that we begin with.... Read more...

Coffee suggestions:
-- Costa Rica San Francisco 1900 - A direct trade favorite. Hector Bonilla owns some of the best pieces of coffee growing land in Tarrazu, this plot at 1900 meters. He also owns the venerable Don Mayo micromill where his own coffees are processed as well as other notable area growers. This single plantation coffee has layers of flavors, citric brightness and chocolate smoothness.

-- Panama Finca Lerida - We visited Finca Lerida last May and were really impressed with the care and investment new owners have brought to bear on the property and its coffee. The farm is set very high on a gorgeous property favored by some of the varied bird species in the world. Lerida has been producing coffee since 1924 and was regarded as the finest available until a recent era when the property required reinvigoration. A few years ago it came under new ownership with the means to restore it to greatness and this harvest is the first showing signs of that rebirth. This coffee is very elegant.
-- Guatemala Antigua La Tacita - Fourth generation Falla family farm that produces flavorful Bourbon varietal, shade grown. We have had this relationship for a number of years. It is one of the limited number of authentic Antigua farms and one of the best.

Introducing the BraZen Coffee Brewer
A breakthrough home coffeemaker that puts you in control of brewing variables.
$199 includes free shipping, a pound of coffee and more. Features that, until now, were reserved for professional equipment.

      • Set brew temperature in 1 degree increments from 190 to 210 F degrees. Can be calibrated to altitude for accuracy.
      • Set pre-soaking of grounds from in 1 second increments up to 4 minutes.
      • Stainless water reservoir. Brewer supplied with goldtone filter.
Recent accolades from Coffee Review

Oct 2012
Panama Perci
Gesha Natural

Aug 2012
Panama Elida
Estate Natural

Aug 2012
Panama Elida
Estate Reserve

May 2012

Burundi Kiryama
Washing Station

Willoughby's Gifts
Our famous, fresh roasted coffee is gift packaged, affordable and attractive. Send us your gift list!

These samplers contain 4 half pounds of coffee.

2 lb Sampler
2 lb Decaf Sampler


ALSO - Gift Certificates Willoughby's Website Gift Certificates for our website!

Call us at 800-388-8400 with your request or send us an email.
Sampler details are viewable here and, we can
add a coffee grinder or plunger pot to a sampler.

We can customize samplers for your corporate of personal gift list!


Thank you New Haven Advocate readers once again!
May, 2013 - Winner in three categories of 2013 New Haven Advocate Readers' Poll
Best Place to Buy Coffee Beans - Best Coffee House - Best Place to Buy Loose Tea

May, 2012 - Winner in three categories of 2012 New Haven Advocate Readers' Poll
Best Place to Buy Coffee Beans - Best Coffee House - Best Place to Buy Loose Tea

March, 2012 - Awards from the Connecticut Specialty Food Association
1st place in the Organic category for Sumatra Mandheling French Roast,
2nd place award in Outstanding Beverage Category
for Ethiopia Yrgacheffe Kochere GR1.
Thank you.

News and Videos. Instructional videos. Appearances we have made on TV, radio. Other relevant news.

Willoughby's sponsors Yale Repertory Theatre

We are proud to have sponsored the entire season of the Yale Repertory Theatre for the third time. The theatre is located just across the street from our store at the Yale Architecture Building. This iconic New Haven theatre presents six plays during the theatre season, often new and noteworthy, sometimes new versions of classics. Our coffee is served during intermission, with our compliments. Yale Rep site.

Sponsored by Willoughby's Coffee & Tea

While visiting 'The Rep', please visit our store at 194 York Street at the reconstructed, expanded Yale Architecture Building.


Newer or popular teas
Tea Type Comments
Darjeeling Jungpana 2nd Flush Black Complex, fine tea from one of the topDarjeeling tea gardens. Second flush teas are the most favored by Darjeeling aficionados.
Sencha - Japan Green When only the best will do
Earl Grey Extra Fancy Black We offer a couple of Earl Grey variations, this one with fanciest leaf.

  • Ethiopia Yrgacheffe Kochere Grade 1. Kochere is a tiny area within Yrgacheffe with a washing station where small, local farmers bring their coffee harvest for processing. This is a carefully run washing station, highly selective about quality. The coffee is bright, sweet, very clean and citrusy. Chocolate body. Crisp and aromatic.
  • Fair Trade Peru. Clean, clear, crisp. The cooperative members have helped transform their growing practices, now using and sustainable practices to earn more for their coffee.

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Electric coffee brewer running slow?
Read our instructions for cleaning your brewer.


Our coffees have received a number of terrific reviews lately. Six of our coffees have received high ratings on Coffee Review this past year. Coffee Review is one of the foremost authorities about coffee on the web and originaters of the 100 point rating system for coffee. Details of the Willoughby's / Coffee Review articles are available.

Recent travel - February, 2012 - Costa Rica farm and relationship tour. We made our way through the Central and West Valleys, then onto Tarrazu, meeting with old friends, some of whom we have had multi-year relationships, others newly being established. We cupped about a hundred coffees and found half a dozen gems, some in available in tiny quantities, which arrived the last few days of June. All are in grainpro bags for great keeping. We will be roasting them throughout the year.

Dedicated website for home coffee roasting !
For those inclined to roast their own coffee at home we have a separate company and website called Roastmasters.com. We offer a large selection of unroasted coffee, home coffee roasters, espresso machines, tools and accessories. Check it out.

Roastmasters.com offers all major brands of home coffee roasters including the terrific Behmor 1600.


Other News:

News -- Winning bidder at several recent auctions of very scarce and sought after coffees:

  • 2012 Hacienda Esmeralda
  • 2012 Guatemala El Injerto

More to come!

Recent Coffee Arrivals
In addition to the coffees shown above
Colombia Supremo Mountain Water Decaf - One of the best decafs we have had.
New Items in stock
Currently in stock - Moccamaster KBT-741 by Technivorm
Clever glass teapot - Tea Control from Germany

Older News
- June, 2008. We were the winning bidder of several recent Cup of Excellence coffee auctions. Exceptional coffees that we were seeking from Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala. We also won the #2 coffee in the 2008 Best of Panama auction. Some great coffees are coming.
- May 6-13, 2008 we were international jurors at the Guatemala Cup of Excellence. We cupped some superb coffee. Winning coffees will be auctioned mid June.
- Mid April, 2008 we were judging the Best of Panama competition in Volcan, Panama. Another Geisha coffee took 1st place.
- In December 2006 we served as international judges of the Brazil 2006 Cup of Excellence competition. Read more...

- May 10, 2008 Willoughby's wins New Haven Advocate Readers' Poll in 3 categories again! Best Place to Buy Coffee Beans, Best Coffeehouse, Best Place to Buy Loose Tea. Thank you once again!

Refer friends to our site. Learn more about coffee beans.

Good News for Coffee Drinkers

Forbes.com - Studies indicate that moderate coffee drinkers can not only enjoy their morning java jolt, but they may also get significant health benefits in the process.

Read full article (opens in separate window).



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fresh roasted coffee beans
Our coffee roaster

2011 New Haven Advocate Readers Poll
Willoughby's Wins in 3 categories:
"Best Place to Buy Coffee Beans"
"Best Coffeehouse"
"Best Place to Buy Loose Tea"

We have repeatly been voted "Best Coffee" in the New Haven Advocate Readers' Polls spanning our history. Thank you!

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