Panama Don Pachi Washed Geisha

  • Panama Don Pachi Washed Geisha
  • Panama Don Pachi Washed Geisha

Cup Characteristics: Don Pachi a very delicate cup with sweet lemon fruit. Especially clean and crisp with Meyer lemon and jasmine flavors, it is also lightly floral. The body presents a smooth, semi-sweet chocolate. Overall, this is a very elegant, well balanced coffee with a long, complex finish replete lots of nuances. While expensive, it represents a good value for a top Geisha from this highly acclaimed origin.

$30.00 per 12 ounces


This Willoughby's Serious Select coffee will be roasted and shipped on Tuesday 8/26 only, subject to availability.


Last week's Serious Select coffee was the superb 2013 Geisha Ironman from Panama that we sold at a closeout price before new coffee arrives. That coffee sold out. We have two additional Panama Geishas that we are also closing out for the same reason. Each is in excellent condition having been stored as green coffee in its original vacuum packages. The first will be offered for one week only: Panama Don Pachi Geisha washed. The second will be offered next week.

Producer Francisco Serracin, Don Pachi himself, is one of the few leading growers of the Geisha coffee varietal. This varietal is thought to have originated in the Ethiopian village of Gesha and made its way to Costa Rica and from there to Boquete, Panama. It is there where the full potential of this different coffee seed found its new home and small group of growers who had the passion to bring out its superb qualities.

Geisha from Don Pachi is some of the best coffee produced in Panama and always a presence at their Best of Panama competition. In 2012 the natural, dry processed lot, utilizing the same beans but processed with the fruit dried on the husk, took first place and wound up selling at auction for $111.50 a pound. In 2013, we were able to secure 50 pounds of the same coffee in a washed process, meaning more refined and less earthy, but the same varietal and growing conditions. Once roasted there will be slightly more then 40 roasted pounds. A rare find indeed. We offered this coffee once during the holidays and have had the rest aside until now.

This coffee is in extremely limited production and we have just a tiny amount. As mentioned, the price has been reduced significantly to make way for arriving coffee. While still a luxury coffee at a high price, it is a relative bargain for top Geisha coffees.


NOTE: This price is for a 12 ounce package.