Burundi Bourbon French Roast

  • Burundi Bourbon French Roast
  • Burundi Bourbon French Roast

Cup Characteristics:  As a dark roast this coffee has the signature bittersweet, caramelly flavors imparted by the sugar transformation during longer roasting. The Bourbon variety lends for a deep and rich chocolate flavored coffee. This coffee is a true representation of that with notes of Tropical Fruits and apple like acidity. Earthy, soft mouthfeel. Vanilla and chocolate are present in every part of the cup. Long finish. Clear, well balanced coffee.

$14.99 per pound


French Roast version of our featured Burundi. This current crop lot of Burundi is Fair Trade certified and comes from the Kanovera Cooperative located in the Ntamba village in the Commune of Musigati near Bubana Province bordering Rwanda. The Cooperative produces 960 bags of coffee per year and is one of the eleven sub-coops of COCOCA, an association for coffee growers in Burundi founded in 2009; as of 2015 the Coop consisted of 160 members. All cherries collected here are fully washed, creating a pronounced acidity and clean cup. Following processing cherries are dried on a patio and solar drying machine.This is the first time in the Cooperatives history that a lot has been Fair Trade certified.

Altitude: 1,700 meters

Varietal: Bourbon

Process: Fully washed

Harvest: April - June