Chemex Holiday Bundle

This Chemex Holiday Gift Bundle includes:

  • Chemex Classic 6 cup glass coffee maker
  • Chemex brand folded filters, package of 100
  • Holiday Blend, 1 pound package

 Chemex brewers are attractive and timeless - in fact, they are on permanent display at the Museum of Modern Art in NY and at other fine museums, elevating them to works of art. But, while the design of this brewer is outstanding, the coffee it brews is the real accomplishment. The Chemex will give you pure, clear coffee, full of flavor and absent of sediment. The only things the coffee comes into contact with are the nonporous glass and the paper filter.

While Chemex coffee makers have been made for more than 70 years, they are today used in top coffee houses and restaurants to present high quality coffee in the best light. Used in conjunction with Chemex filters, which are heavier weight than standard paper filters, the beverage style is clean and focused. The glass is unit is one piece so the top does not separate from the bottom. Filter papers and coffee are lifted out and disposed. There is a pour channel in the glass to aid in pouring a stream to your cup.