Colombia Supremo French Roast

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    Colombia Supremo French Roast

    Cup Characteristics:  Roasted longer and darker than a Full City roast, Colombia Supremo coffee has sufficient brightness and flavor to shine through the process.

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    Colombia grades beans according to size, using a series of diminishing holed screens to separate them. The largest group of beans are called Supremo and generally represent Colombia's highest grade. Occasionally however, individual lots with mixed sizes can be separated for qualitative reasons or because the lot is too small to separate by size.

    Colombia Supremo beans are high grown, hard and concentrated. They are well suited to dark roasting because they have a lot of sweetness and acidity. The sweetness is from sugars inherent in the cell structure of the coffee and, when roasted to a darker French Roast level, those sugars caramelize resulting in a bittersweet taste. Likewise, bright cupping coffees, those with sparkle, still have some of this quality remaining after being roasted darker and thus are better candidates for the longer roast style.

    Colombia is the world’s second largest exporter of Arabica coffees and a consistent quality source.