Panama Elida Estate Catuai Natural

  • Panama Elida Estate Catuai Natural

    Wilford (left) and his late father Thatcher Lamastus at the drymill

  • Panama Elida Estate Catuai Natural

    Wilford overlooking his great farm

  • Panama Elida Estate Catuai Natural

Cup Characteristics: Deep, earthy, and highly complex profile with sweet, tropical fruit and blueberry flavors. This is a big, flavorful cup with syrupy, fruity and chocolatey elements. This coffee has a big fan base with our customers but also with international coffee consumers who appreciate deeply resonant Natural process coffee.  Elida is masterful at the process. Excellent made with filter drip, pour over or French Press.

$22.99 per pound


Arrived mid October 2020, new crop, packed in Grainpro bags to preserve the beans and protect them from moisture and odors. A direct trade coffee that will be available for several months.

We have offered coffee from Panama Elida Estate for numerous years, and 2020 is no exception. Elida is producing some of the best, if not the best coffee in Panama today. While this cofee is their tradional varietal Catuai, they have set multiple world records for the #1 top ranked coffees in both the Geisha Washed and Geisha Processes categories in the Best of Panama competition. The Natural process Geisha set a new world record for coffee at auction, $1029 a pound green! And, adding to the credentials of this great farm, their two #1 wins were repeats from 2018. Wilford Lamastus and son Wilford Jr know every aspect of coffee growing, processing and cupping. Their farm is the highest elevation farm in Panama and they know every inch of it. This Catuai Natural is a superbly processed coffee, big and powerful, but very clean. The Lamastus family can grow and process Naturals like few others and the Catuai represents a very good value for the quality offered.

Elida Estate has been run by the Lamastus family for four generations, starting in 1918 when the founder of the farm, Robert Lamastus, bought property along the Baru Volcano. There are three farms in the Lamastus family: Elida Estate, El Burro Estate, and Luito Geisha Estate. With elevations between 5500 and 8200 feet above sea level, Elida is the highest coffee farm in Panama, although coffee is only grown between 5600 and 6200 feet. A large part of the farm is a dedicated ecological reserve area in Volcan Baru National Park, a world heritage site.

Bob, Wilford Lamastus (owner of Elida), Barry (c 2011)

Elida made headlines in 2018 at the Best of Panama competition, where two of their coffee lots broke world records for the highest prices paid for coffee (per pound). Their Geisha Green Tip Washed sold for $661.00/lb at auction, and their Geisha Green Tip Natural sold for a whopping $803.00/lb. As noted above they repeated in both categories in 2019 and topped their own record price per pound at $1,029 with the Green Tip Natural.

Wilford Lamastus, owner of Elida 2015

This lot is 100% Catuai, a varietal developed in the mid-twentieth century. Catuai is a cross between the Mundo Novo and Caturra varietals, both of which were created by selective cross-breeding programs. Mondo Novo was the result of combining Bourbon and Typica varietals, and Caturra is a combination of two Red Bourbon mutations. This is a natural processed coffee, a brief explaination of which is required to understand the terminology. Since the advent of micro milling machines, most notably that developed by Penagos in Colombia, small farms have the ability to process their own coffee for a somewhat modest cost of entry. These machines use pressurized water mist to strip away the outer skin of the coffee cherry, and can remove pulp (the fruit surrounding the coffee husk) to a fine tolerance, leaving selective amounts of pulp to dry on the husk. When all the pulp is removed it is fully washed. When a tiny amount remains, it is called yellow honey; when a little more remains it is considered red honey, and a lot remaining is black honey. Neither the skin nor the pulp being removed results in a natural processed coffee (like this one). Elida Estate is masterful at producing Natural processed coffees. They are to produce deeply fruity flavors, yet despite the intensity, there is finesse. The Lamastus family are excellent coffee cuppers, very unusual in the coffee growing world. Their palates enable them to develop, and in a sense customize, flavor profiles to the preferences of their customers, us in this case.

Barry & Wilford
Barry from Willoughby's and Wilford, Sr in 2017


Handmade wooden trays used for drying natural and honey coffees

  • Province: Chiriqui
  • District: Boquete
  • Township: Los Naranjos
  • Altitude: 5600-6200 feet above sea level
  • Coffee variety: Catuai
  • Processing: Natural
  • Farm: Elida Estate