Panama Elida Estate Natural

  • Panama Elida Estate Natural

    Wilford (left) and father Thatcher Lamastus at the drymill

  • Panama Elida Estate Natural

    Wilford overlooking his great farm

  • Panama Elida Estate Natural

Cup Characteristics: Deep, earthy and highly complex profile. Sweet, tropical fruit, blueberry flavors. Syrupy, fruity, chocolatey. This is a big, flavorful and fruity cup. This coffee has been successfully chosen as a winning single origin espresso coffee in international competition but is excellent made with filter drip or French Press methods.

$21.99 per pound


This Willoughby's Serious Select coffee will be roasted and shipped on Tuesdays 2/20 and 2/27.

2017 crop arrived September in Grainpro bags. We have had the pleasure of visting Elida Estate many years and are extremely excited to offer this fantastic coffee once again from our friends the Lamastus family. At last years Best of Panama competition, where the owner of Willoughby's was an international judge, the Elida Estate Natural took 4th place while their washed coffee took 2nd; this year they were very successful in the competition again, placing numerous coffees in high ranks. This goes to show that the hardwork of the Lamastus family is appreciated and recognized for its excellence.

This coffee is highly regarded as a single origin espresso. It is a special, separate micro lot preparation of Elida Estate coffee which undergoes dry rather than washed processing. Varietal is 100% Catuai. While the majority of coffee produced on Elida Estate is washed, this particular small lot was patio dried in its pulp. To aid in drying, it was taken from the farm's higher growing elevations, where there is significant moisture, to a lower elevation where the temperatures were considerably warmer and the air drier. There, it dried naturally, over a period of 10 days on raised African style beds.

The combination of Elida's award winning Catuai, always a top contender in the Best of Panama competition, and the thoughtful, artisanal processing that the Lamastus family is experimenting with, augers for an extremely complex, earthy cup, pushing the edge of fruitiness to the extreme. A tremendous single origin espresso. This coffee has been chosen by several competitors in barista challenges and, as such, has been judged on the world stage.


Handmade wooden trays used for drying the natural and honey coffees.