Ethiopia Yrgacheffe Kochere "YirgZ"

  • Ethiopia Yrgacheffe Kochere "YirgZ"
  • Ethiopia Yrgacheffe Kochere "YirgZ"
  • Ethiopia Yrgacheffe Kochere "YirgZ"
  • Ethiopia Yrgacheffe Kochere "YirgZ"

Cup Characteristics: Bright, sweet, very clean, citrusy. Hints of melon. Chocolate body. Crisp with lingering finish. Particularly complex lot of Ethiopian coffee, wonderful to begin with but further enhanced by extreme sorting.

$14.99 per pound


Latest arrival March 2017. This particular lot was sorted with exceptional attention to detail. The "Z" in the name "YirgZ" refers to zero defects as the coffee is sorted three times prior to shipping from origin. A bag of unroasted coffee weighs 132 pounds and there is an extra hour and twenty minutes involved in sorting each bag of coffee. This extra care enhances the clarity in the cup and intensifies the aromatics.

Kochere is a tiny area within Yrgacheffe with a washing station where local farmers can bring their coffee harvest for processing. The farms themselves are generally very small. The washing station, which acts as something of a community center, is well run. The manager takes pride in running a tight ship and insuring that the cherry coming in for processing is exceptional and sorted appropriately. A great deal of time is spent hand sorting pergamino (dried coffee in husk) for defects during its drying period on raised African beds.

Mill owner's name: Masrshu Sima

: South Nation

City: Yirgacheffe

Sub-city: Kochere (Kochere is one of the districts in the Borena zone where is found 25 miles south west of Yirgacheffe town.)

Varietal: Heirloom

Process: Washed

Elevation: 1900-2100