Filtropa Paper Coffee Filters

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    Filtropa Paper Coffee Filters

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    Filtropa filters, manufactured in The Netherlands, are of the highest quality. We offer them in two sizes. 

    Filtropa manufactures them from specially compounded paper that is completely free of taste and smell and which has high strength when wet. They are then environmentally whitened without bleach. Paper used by Filtropa for their coffee filters is approved by the international Food and Drug Administration.

    Paper filters hold coffee grounds and allow water to steep through for a clean, clear beverage; paper also traps coffee oils which some believe can lower cholesterol levels, as opposed to brewing in open pots. Grind coffee for drip grind when using these filters, a grit that is like raw sugar.  Grinding too fine will overextract negative flavors and extend brew time.  Ideal brew time is about six minutes.

    Both sizes are the same price.