Hario V60 Ceramic 2 cup white

  • Hario V60 Ceramic 2 cup white



Hario 2 cup white ceramic cone. This particular cone and size seems to be devoping into the de facto standard for single serve coffees in homes and coffee establishments.

  • All Hario filter holders have a curved, swirl design on the inside to improve coffee flow. Prevents water from simply standing in the coffee bed. This design produces clean cupping coffee and avoids bitterness that is associated with an over extracted brew.
  • Large opening in base of filter aids in keeping flow at a proper rate.

This ceramic filter has nice heft to it. Filter cones come boxed and are furnished with a measuring scoop. Paper filters, in boxes of 40 are offered separately in each size.

When brewing in Hario drippers we recommend that a small stream be poured, first just enough to wet the ground, and left to "bloom" for 30 seconds. Follow that with a thin stream of water, preferably applied in a swirl, and no water placed at the extreme edges where coffee meets filter paper. The Hario Buono kettle, sold separately, was designed to provide a slow, thin stream of water to the coffee bed during brewing. We recommend you consider its purchase if you will be using Hario drippers on a daily basis, as there is no other kettle that seems able to provide the same water stream.

Hario filtercones are also available in plastic and glass.