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    Organic Sencha - Japan

    Tasting Notes: This is a great example of a high quality Japanese Sencha Tea, delicate and soft with clean, crisp, invigorating mouth feel.

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    (Japan, Green) Flat, deep green leaves. Japan has the reputation of producing the finest Sencha green tea, which is their most popular as well. It's expensive because of the careful attention to detail and because suitable land for tea gardens is scarce and costly. Sencha refers to the first pickings of the tea bush, which take place from late March in warm climates to the end of May in cooler areas.

    Sencha is distinguished by delicate sweetness and mild astringency. It is also high in vitamin C. Sencha is kept under cloth canopies for the few weeks prior to harvest to concentrate the chlorophyll of the plant, deepening the color and delicate flavor. Then, it is manufactured by steaming followed by withering to reduce moisture and finally repeated rolling and quick drying to obtain the needle-like leaf shape. All Japanese green tea has flat leaves, not rolled in their final form. The taste is delicately herbaceous and different than Senchas from China or Taiwan which are less herbal and more vegetal. Quality and price vary widely, some Senchas being wildly expensive.

    Water Temperature: 180° F

    Leaf to Water Ratio: 1 tablespoon per 8 ounces

    Steep Time: 2-3 minutes

    Japanese Green Tea

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