Mocha Java Style

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    Mocha Java Style

    Cup Characteristics:  Depth of flavor and texture. Heavy body, extremely smooth mouthfeel, long finish.  Structured in an old world way, a very satisfying cup.

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    The first blend ever created was Mocha Java, at the time a combination of the few coffees being traded. Today, those original ingredients are not reliably available so we replicate them with components much in the same style as the original. We blend Sumatra Mandheling, which gives heavier tones of earth and spice, with Ethiopia Yrgacheffe which adds fruit, cocoa and exotic flavors. The result is a heavy bodied, winey and slightly acidic brew. Our Mocha Java Style has been highly praised for its straight forwardness; the blend’s proportions provide the perfect balance. Earthy, bold and intriguing.

    Roast Style: Full City
    Sumatra Mandheling
    Ethiopia Yrgacheffe

    Aroma: Apricot marmalade and toasted bread
    Flavor: Earthly with mild sweetness and a hint of lemon grass
    Body: Medium and creamy
    Finish: Spicy and snappy