Guatemala El Socorro Yellow Bourbon

  • Guatemala El Socorro Yellow Bourbon
  • Guatemala El Socorro Yellow Bourbon
  • Guatemala El Socorro Yellow Bourbon
  • Guatemala El Socorro Yellow Bourbon
  • Guatemala El Socorro Yellow Bourbon

Cup Characteristics: Key lime, mild melon sweetness with honey mouthfeel. Notes of green apple flavor and acidity mixed with a sweet, smooth finish. Jammy, structured and approachable.

$17.99 per pound


This Willoughby's Serious Select coffee be roasted and shipped on Tuesdays 2/14 and 2/21.

Guatemala El Socorro y Anexos is multi award winning farm located within a half hour of Guatemala City in the town of Palencia. We have offered coffee from this farm in the past and are fortunate enough to have procured it once again. This lot is a Yellow Bourbon varietal that really impressed us with its sweetness when we evaluated it initially. We are also offering their Maracaturra varietal which we have had in the past.

This is 'washed' process coffee, meaning that the fruit pulp is washed away. Coffee is fruit and the cherries, once ripe and harvested, have their outer skin removed by a specialized machine. The beans, really the cherry's seeds, are encased in the center of the fruit's flesh which ferments over the course of a day or two and is then washed away before being dried. But El Socorro, has very unusual processing technique beyond this standard format. They believe that the warm fruit gets shocked with cold water during this process so they place the just picked cherries into a bath of warm, same temperature water and let them cool gradually before being introduced to the full process. They attribute much of their success to this technique. The farm's success is the result of a strict quality control during whole process, since the management of the plantation, handpicking, wet mill and drying coffee is all done on the farm.

  • Producer: Juan Diego De La Cerda
  • Location: Guatemala, Palencia
  • Area: 750 ha
  • Altitude range: 5050 - 6100 feet
  • Type of soil: Loamy-Sandy
  • Shade trees: Non traditional variety

2015 Cup of Excellence® Winning farm - 3rd place
2012 Cup of Excellence® Winning farm - 2nd place
2011 Cup of Excellence® Winning farm - 1st place

Previous Awards:
Cup of Excellence® 2009
Cup of Excellence® 2008
Cup of Excellence® 2007
Coffee of the Year, Best Origin Coffee Winner – SCAA 2011