Colombia Supremo Mountain Water Decaf French Roast

  • Colombia Supremo Mountain Water Decaf French Roast

Cup Characteristics: Smoky and sweet aroma with dark chocolate flavor. Body is light, silky and the finish has notes of charred sugar.

$14.99 per pound


Dark roasted. Unlike many decafs including most water decafs, this lot is Colombia Supremo screen 18, the highest grade of Colombia coffee and the largest bean size produced. It is decaffeinated at the modern Descamex Plant in Veracruz, Mexico by the all natural Mountain Water Decaffeination Process. These beans have a superior taste and appearance for decaf. It is astonishing how much depth this coffee has and how far decaffeination processes have come.

The Mountain Water Decaf process uses clear, pure water from the glaciers and highest mountain in Mexico. In the decaffeination process, the green coffee beans are immersed in water in order to extract the caffeine. The water constains the soluble components of the coffee beans which hold the elements of the individual coffee's flavor, so that during the extraction of the caffeine the beans maintain their original taste components. The resulting coffee is 99.9 caffeine free. Once decaffeination is finished the beans are dried and packed. We are finding the coffee decaffeinated in this ultra modern Mexican plant to be the purest and cleanest we have found. In addition, the process can be performed on relatively small lots of coffee - this means top quality coffees, rather than volume coffees - can be decaffeinated. Top coffees decaffeinated this way are a real break-through.

Roast Style: French

Process:  Mountain Water Decaffeination