Brazil Sitio Colina Natural

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    Brazil Sitio Colina Natural

    Cup Characteristics:  Aromas of cherry vanilla. Flavors of cherry cola with milk chocolate tones.  Soft, smooth mouthfeel. Overall, a clean, sweet cup and lively at the start of the new season.
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    Arrived March 2023, new crop, in Grainpro bags.

    Marco Angelo Scalco hails from the rural region of Poço Fundo in Brazil and has been cultivating coffee for 15 years alongside his wife, Ana, and brother, Paulo. As a third-generation coffee producer, Mr. Scalco inherited his farm from his father in 2012, who had spent 50 years growing coffee. Despite having a smaller overall production, Mr. Scalco prides himself on the exceptional quality of his coffee. He believes that high-quality produce is  essential to cover the high production costs and provide a decent livelihood for his family. The Sitio Colina farm is located in Cachoeirinha, just outside of Poço Fundo, where the community collaborates on harvest schedules to minimize labor expenses. The community's approach of sharing equipment, storage facilities, and other resources serves as a source of inspiration for neighboring communities.

    • Producer:  Marco Angelo Scalco
    • Region:  Cachoeirinha
    • Elevation: 1100 meters
    • Varietals: Yellow Catuai, Red Catuai
    • Milling Process: Natural
    • Drying Process: Patio
    • Harvest Months: June to September

    The Scalcos, father and son

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