Jennings CJ-4000 Scale

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    Jennings CJ-4000 Scale


    Want to know a secret to well brewed coffee every day? Weigh your coffee and get away from using a scoop. The result will be perfectly consistent dosages day in and day out.

    The Jennings CJ-4000 scale has become very popular in the coffee community and it's no wonder given its range of desirable features and reasonable price.

    • Weighs up to 4000 grams in 0.5 gram increments (more than 8.8 pounds)
    • Stainless weighing platform
    • Runs on batteries but AC adapter is included
    • Batteries are included
    • Extra large LCD with red backlight when active
    • Measures in grams, ounces, pounds or parts counting
    • Zero / Tare function for backing out of the weight of an object
    • Unique custom bowl / cover has pouring spout
    • 20 year limited warranty!
    • Scale size is 5.5" x 8"; tray size is 5" round

    This is a terrific scale. It has a cover to keep it clean that also serves as a bowl with a pouring spout, so you can weigh coffee right in it. If you do pour-over you can place your device right on the scale, tare out its weight, then put in coffee and tare out its weight. Finally, you can even weigh the water you pour for ultimate accuracy and repeatability. The capacity of this scale makes it easy to do this for the most common pour over types like Hario cones and servers, Chemex, Kalita, Beehouse, Aeropress, etc. But, please, be cautious with hot liquids!

    Weigh coffee accurately for consistent and optimal brewing and repeatability. Amazing 20 year limited warranty from the manufacturer.