Colombia Finca Los Gusmanes

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    Colombia Finca Los Gusmanes

    Cup Characteristics: Sweet and sugary aromas. Bright and crisp green apple and citrus flavors layered with sweet honey and cherry. Very clean with pronounced tannin and a snappy finish.

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    Just arrived in grain-pro this December. This was our favorite selection after cupping several Colombia’s from the same importer. A very high grown Colombia with the flavor profile to prove it.
    After inheriting Los Gusmanes from his father, Clodomiro wanted to continue operating it as a self-sufficient farm. He is very conscious about the environmental impact of producing coffee and is working to be a clean producer of coffee. He repurposes the coffee pulp as fertilizer and also has a filtration system for the water used in coffee processing.
    Clodomiro also grows sugar cane, yuca, corn, potatoes, and scallions. These crops provide both food for the family as well as a second source of income. He believes that this diversification makes him better at growing coffee because he has more resources.

    F4 is an unusual type of bean (seed) to come across.  It was one of the early generations of Castillo developed by CENICAFE, the National Coffee Research Center of Colombia. Even though it was an experimental generation, there are still a few farms that continue to grow it. Variety and cultivar are often used interchangeably, but a variety occurs naturally, and clones itself. Typica and Bourbon are examples of varieties. However, a cultivar must be propagated by human intervention. Catimor and Castillo are examples of cultivars.
    • Country: Colombia
    • Producer: Clodomiro Morales
    • Farm: Los Gusmanes
    • Region: Narino
    • Altitude: 2000 meters
    • Varietal (cultivar): Castillo, F4
    • Processing: Washed/Sun dried
    • Moisture: (11.0 %)
    • Density: (.75 g/mL)