Panama Elida Estate Reserve

  • Panama Elida Estate Reserve
  • Panama Elida Estate Reserve
  • Panama Elida Estate Reserve

Cupping Characteristics:First impressions of Elida are a delicate, floral aroma in both ground and brewed forms. In the cup, it is very bright, with piquant acidity and fruity, melon-like sweetness with hints of chocolate and berries. It has medium/heavy body with a long, very smooth finish. This is truly an extraordinary and satisfying cup.

$19.99 per pound


Latest arrival in December, packed in Grainpro bags to preserve the beans and protect them from moisture and outside odors. A direct trade coffee that seems to be more popular each year. We have a limited quantity and it is sure to go quickly. We have visited Elida many times during our travel to Panama highlands. Elida Estate is always a force in the traditional washed coffee group at each year's Best of Panama competition. Barry Levine, owner of Willoughby's has been an international judge at this competition numerous.

Elida Estate CoffeeElida Estate Reserve is grown at the farm's highest altitudes, mostly over 1800 meters (5500-6000 feet), some of the highest grown coffee in Boquete. In fact, Elida is one of the two highest coffee farms in Panama. It has been a multi-year favorite of our customers. The coffee is farmed from 100% catuai varietal, grown at very high altitudes and given tremendous care and detail, all under the learned hand of Wilford Lamastus and family. Year in and out Elida Estate Reserve is a quality grown coffee and it seems to grow in popularity. Fans of this coffee will not be disappointed in the vibrant, complex flavors available in this crop.

Elida Estate is located in the Volcan Baru National Park near Boquete. The farm is about 65 hectares (160 acres), 30 of which are planted with coffee trees; it produces about 400 60 kg bags annually. Elida is a traditionally fully washed coffee, fermented in tanks and sun dried. The farm has been owned by the Lamastus family since 1918. Because of the very high elevations where the Estate Reserve is grown, coffee is slow to mature and later to ripen and be harvested. This coffee is the last of the current season's crop; new crop washed coffee from the 2018 harvest will not be available this year due. Torrential rains followed flowering of the trees, destroying new buds and thus reducing output at most area farms. Our current supply will not last long so enjoy it while we have it. We do expect to have some the natural (dry) processed Elida in the coming months but none of their traditional washed.


Wilford Lamastus owner of Elida 2015

Handmade wooden trays used for drying the natural and honey coffees.

10 years ago - Bob, Wilford Lamastus owner of Elida center, Barry