Guide to Consistent Brewing If you are seeking to easily make delicious and consistent coffee every time you brew then there are a couple of things you can do to make this a reality.
Get a good coffee grinder.

This means a grinder that uses burrs to mill your coffee. We recommend Baratza grinders which will grind consistently batch after batch. Burr grinders work differently than inexpensive spinning blade type grinders. Those grinders slice beans and their design makes for unevenly sized particles, so you will wind up with a mixture of very fine as well as coarse pieces and that's not good. Burr grinders, by contrast, use one stationary disk and a moving disk that the motor turns; coffee is milled in the gap between the two disks so the grind is determined by the size of the gap and is consistent.
Blade coffee slicer Conical burr grinder
Without getting overly complicated there are also different types of burr grinders, some with conical shapes and others with flat blades but they all work by milling the beans in the space created between the moving and stationary burr. The result is evenly ground coffee. Boiling water can makes its way through consistently ground coffee in pretty much the same amount of time every brew. And that is what you want.

Forget the scoops - get a scale!

A small, accurate gram scale will provide the same quantity of coffee each and every time. On top of that, once you know the basic ratios of coffee to water, it is relatively simple to determine how much coffee to use by weight. In our shops and indeed in most professional coffee establishments weighing coffee is the only way to insure quality control regarding brew strength. A good scale is inexpensive and should last you many years. And as a bonus you can use it weigh many other things in your kitchen, again for accuracy and repeatability.
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