Jasmine Pearls

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    Jasmine Pearls

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    From time to time we blind cup our teas against samples from distributors to ensure we are offering the best tasting tea possible. These Jasmine Pearls came directly to us from China, and after several blind cuppings of Jasmine teas this one was the clear winner in all of them. Very similar in flavor to our regular Jasmine tea, but with delicate nuances that show a careful attention to processing. This is a very elegant specialty tea.

    Tea is first picked from the Fujian Region, and is a specially selected cultivar called Fuding Dabai. The tea is dried into a needle-like shape, then soaked in water and hand rolled to create the "pearl" shape. The pearls are then stored until the Jasmine buds are ready to bloom. Buds are plucked in the daytime and mixed with the tea then as they only open up and give off their fragrance during the night. More Jasmine buds cover the tea entirely until the next morning when they are screened out (left in, the fresh Jasmine buds adversely affect the flavor of the tea). This process is repeated four more times to really infuse the flavor of the buds into the tea pearls. We think you will agree that it is well worth the effort. The jasmine flavor is fresh, sweet and lingering but not overbearing. The natural floral scent of jasmine flowers coupled with top quality green tea makes this one of the most popular teas in China.

    • Measure 5g or 2tsp per 250ml (8 ounce) cup.
    • Heat water to about 180 degree F (boil and let cool a couple minutes).
    • Infuse for 5 minutes and strain.
    • Re-infuse - you can use the leaves up to 3 times. Each will be more delicate.